Buying leather boots for women: how to choose the right one?

Boots take up the most space in our wardrobe during the fall and winter seasons, as they provide better protection from the cold. What's more, they fit almost everyone, regardless of size and build. Leather boots for women have become very trendy and are now available in different models. Still, you have to choose the pair that will fit you well and make you more elegant. Don't hesitate to browse through these few lines to help you make the right choice.

Which type of boots for which morphology?

In addition to the classic selection criteria such as colour, boot material, cut and sole, it is also important to take into account your morphology and the shape of your feet to find the boots that suit you perfectly. Here are a few things you need to know: - If you have big feet, you must avoid wearing hard leather boots and boots with pointed heels at all costs so as not to make your feet suffer all day long. Also, choose soft leather women's boots and boots with round or square toe. - For those with knock-knees, don't be seduced by boots that stop below the knee like waders. Instead, opt for boots, santiags or low boots that will accentuate the look on your ankles as well as your calves. Combined with a skirt or dress that stops below the knee, they will only enhance your elegance.

Choose your boots according to your size

Size is also an important criterion when choosing a pair of women's boots. - Smaller sizes should look for models that allow them to refine their silhouette and lengthen their legs and those with heels or wedges. The important thing is just to avoid wearing flat heels at the risk of compressing the silhouette. However, waders and very high boots are not really recommended as they tend to shrink. You can therefore opt for biker boots or low boots to better structure your silhouette. - Tall women, on the other hand, can afford anything as they have big legs. Also, if you want to adopt a glamorous and sexy look at a special event, let yourself be seduced by the charm of waders. Avoid, however, falling into vulgarity and prefer waders to sober materials and colors. On a daily basis, for more comfort, you can just put on boots or booties not very high or with flat heels.

Choosing boots adapted to your calf circumference

- If you have coated calves, you're sure to have trouble putting on a boot. You should therefore choose soft leather boots to allow your calves to breathe and to be more comfortable. When it comes to fit, it's best to choose boots that fit perfectly, such as flared boots. - However, if you have thinner calves, you can wear hard leather boots with high heels or bridle boots, for example. Heeled boots and low boots are also recommended. These models allow you to hide the thin calves (by drawing the eye to the ankles instead) and at the same time lengthen and shape the leg.

Women's boots: which closure system should you choose?

The fastening system also influences the choice of women's boots. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best boots for you: - Boots with zippers or zip fasteners are very practical if you're in a hurry, because you can open and close them as easily as you like. - Those with buckles, such as santiags, are also easy to open and close. What's more, the buckle system is much more discreet compared to the zipper, not to mention the fact that it adds a touch of elegance to your outfit. - If you want to stay in the classic style, choose lace-up boots. They are ideal for a chic look, but also for a rock and timeless style. All you have to do is tie your laces nicely. You now know the main criteria to consider when buying your pair of boots, so don't hesitate to place your order. Be careful, however, to choose the right size for better walking comfort.

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