How to recognize a real ruby?

When you are shopping for gemstones, it is important to know how to recognize the real ones. Otherwise, you might get ripped off. There are thousands of fake gems that are not genuine in the market, and it can be…

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natural stone jewellery

How to wear natural stone jewellery?

The fashion industry has seen significant changes in the past and present environments. Both men and women adorn different types of natural stone jewellery. Apart from the appealing nature, people embrace these pieces of natural stones for other reasons. For…

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Let’s accessorize your outfit !

How to follow a trend while keeping your own style? That’s the art of Fashion! Following a standard and being original is not easy! It is difficult to adhere to a fashion trend, to adopt a “dress code” while remaining…

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Buying silk items: which models of scarves and headscarves to choose?

The silk scarf and headscarf are timeless and indispensable fashion accessories. In winter and summer alike, they are all the rage and complete our look. Practical and stylish, the scarf gives a classy touch to the wearer. Here are a…

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How to wear tights with style?

Far from the “foam” tights of yesteryear, fragile and without originality, underwear for legs is now aesthetic and adapted to the life of active women. Each woman can find the tights that suit her own look. A constantly evolving accessory…

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