Buying silk items: which models of scarves and headscarves to choose?

Published on : 23 March 20203 min reading time

The silk scarf and headscarf are timeless and indispensable fashion accessories. In winter and summer alike, they are all the rage and complete our look. Practical and stylish, the scarf gives a classy touch to the wearer. Here are a few tips on how to choose the ideal scarf and headscarf.

How to choose the ideal silk scarf?

Of course, it is not easy to put a silk square on your outfit. But it’s obvious that the silk scarf is an uncontrollable fashion accessory, but above all a must have to embellish your outfit. Even during the winter season, you stay stylish without being cold. Don’t hesitate to play with colours and different patterns. For starters, opt for more sober colours such as white and black. These colours go well with any garment. To get them used to them and for those who are daring, don’t be afraid of other people’s eyes and choose patterned scarves or brighter colours such as yellow, green or purple. For men, don’t forget the Paisley patterns, which are perfect for asserting your character. So which scarf should you choose? Visit

How do I choose my silk scarf?

Check, striped or plain, which scarf should you choose? Depending on the season and the outfit you’re wearing, the choice is always difficult. Available in many colours and patterns, the silk scarf will keep you looking pretty and warm during the winter. A shiny and delicate fabric which is uncommon, silk brings softness and refinement to your clothing style thanks to its nobility. For men, avoid taste mistakes and exaggeration when choosing. The black scarf is advantageous. Rather classic, the black colour adapts easily to your outfit. It is suitable both for evenings and for everyday life. As for women, the silk scarf is a fancy fashion accessory that gives style and character to hair worn as a headband or headband. To draw attention to your hair colour, it is best to choose a polka dot scarf or bold prints.

Don’t get the seasons wrong

When the sun is shining, people confine themselves to very light materials such as T-shirts and shirts. But even if one is constrained by clothing and climate, one should not forget to assert oneself by adding small chic or fancy accessories such as jewellery, glasses, scarves and headscarves. For silk is a noble material prized by all fashion lovers. Above all, avoid the large, very thick envelope often used to protect against the cold in winter and opt for a simpler and more practical scarf or bow. In addition, silk pieces provide incomparable lightness when worked in muslin. The silk scarf synonymous with class is ideal for a modern and young person.

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