Do you want to buy new shoes ?

Open the closets of a fashionista and you'll be surprised! Shoes and bags of all styles with a clothing "partner" in the next compartment, all seasons, all fashions and all prices invade the cupboards. We want shoes of the latest fashion, which perfectly match our clothes, at low prices and in which you feel good. Indeed, if shoes are a fashion accessory, we must also take into account their quality and comfort... Our feet deserve it! Indeed, our feet, like our hands, are extremities of the body, they are sensitive parts and real thermometers we use them all day long. It is therefore important not to neglect the comfort aspect of a shoe and to choose it carefully. It must be beautiful and our feet must feel comfortable in it. We have selected for you some little models that we thought met all these criteria - look, fashion, but also comfort, quality and low prices. We, women and fashion addicts, are not usually satisfied with just one pair of shoes for the whole season. We want shoes that will match our outfits and respond to every occasion in terms of clothing - work, going out with friends, a fancy party, Sunday lunch with in-laws, hiking, nightclubbing, marathon, wedding, etc. - and also be adapted to our day (or evening) activities, the season (flip-flops or moon boots?) and the geographical location (seaside or mountain?).

A black Richelieu woman shoe

Timeless and design shoe, ideal to accompany your chic and elegant outfits. Business women, boyish look and "rock", this shoe is ideal to perfect for your dressed outfits. Stand out from the crowd, choose the Richelieu shoe.

Varnished black pumps

Elegant and original feminine shoes with its inlaid patterns; perfect to be elegant and sexy in any occasion. Suitable for trouser sets as well as dresses or skirts.

Bellucci sandals to look stunning on a girls' shopping trip!

Pink and gold sandals are the ideal "companions" for your suits, chic pants and other elegant and glamorous outfits. Come on, let's jump on it it's almost summer and it's cheap !!!

Beautiful pair of pumps

Can't wait for summer! And to be ready to be beautiful this summer, a beautiful pair of green sequin pumps with beautiful summer colors and sunny mmmmhhhh... Blue, green, turquoise, pink, red,... Escape at mini prices!

Ballerina : a feminine shoe

Pretty sweet pink ballerina, all "mimi" with her little bow on the front. Very girly, very "girly", we love it, we love it. Ballerinas for trendy and sunny days. Adorable black ballerinas, fashionable and sexy with its sides all in transparency and its "mimi bow" on the top. They will be your best friends this summer and will accompany all your outfits - trousers, jeans, shorts, skirts, etc. - with pleasure. Little ballerinas at "mimi prices! »

Nice black boot

The first beautiful rays of sunshine are coming but it's still chilly, girls! Office, formal wear or lunch with mother-in-law, we recommend this beautiful shiny black boot with its chic shape and its thin sexy heel! This shoe siet with the sexy working-girl look no more, Cinderella, and put your foot inside! Chic, at this price we buy!

Girly and sportswear

It's the trendy basketball you need! In black with pink interior, this sneaker is just waiting for your pretty foot! Comfortable and fashionable with its small rhinestones on the side we do not hesitate, we run to buy it. Elegant, sleek, chic and fashionable sportswear has its sneaker! Here is the white high sneaker which ensures a perfect support of the foot, its beautiful thick sole and the agitated color which brings the trendy note to the shoe. You were looking for it? You have found it! The city sneaker, it's her! A tall women's shoe with golden laces and rhinestones on the front of the sneaker and behind the heel a chic little city sneaker in patent beige, this is the "little new" shoe we fell for. Elegant and fashionable, fashion and shopping addicts already have it!

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