Fashion and lifestyle: find a fashion store online

You want to buy clothes or accessories online but you don't know which suppliers to turn to? And why not take a look at concept stores? But how do you find the right one? What are the criteria to take into account?

The concept store: what is it about?

A concept store is a kind of shop or a multi-brand point of sale that sells a set of products from a well-defined range of products with the same thematic universe, whether it be men's or women's clothing, decorative items or other items. These shops focus more on the customer's pleasure rather than on a specialty or theme. On the other hand, some people consider this type of store as the perfect reflection of the changing consumer habits of our era. In this sense, as the sellers know that consumers need everything, right away and at any time, they then offer items that come from all over the world. However, this multitude of origins makes the salesperson's job more complex, since he or she must, in addition to his or her usual work, guide the customer in his or her new discoveries. Be aware that generally in concept stores, there are two very distinct types of customers: those who wander around and those who are looking for specific articles. The salesperson must therefore be attentive to the needs of each customer in order to offer them the best according to their expectations and to guide them in the best choice to make. The shop manager must also be able to develop the pleasurable purchase in which the consumer enters the concept store, discovers new items, falls for them and buys them.

Choosing a concept store according to their selection

One of the criteria to consider when choosing the right concept store is to look at the selection it offers. Many shops want to be cool and therefore sell a lot of products without a lot of match between them. A good concept store should above all stand out through its careful selection of designers and pieces, which should be accessible from a thematic and design perspective. This quality of selection is very interesting, as it can turn the job of the buying customer into a real talent hunt. Moreover, these shops, whether online or offline, always with their product selection can give a boost to an unknown designer in the frightening world of international fashion.

Choosing a concept store according to the activities it can offer

In terms of selection, this criterion is valid for online shops and shops with a real address. But for this second criterion (the proposed activities), it is more relevant for shops with a real physical address. Indeed, a concept store must be able to federate its customers through different activities that it can offer. However, these activities must be related to the sale. For example, a concept store may provide customers with its own restaurant or café in order to make them spend more time in the shop. This can be in the shop itself or in the basement of the shop and why not on the terrace. In addition to this gourmet and catering side, a concept store can offer its consumers other activities such as book signings, openings of all kinds of exhibitions, the launch of new services or new products, mini-concerts and many others. These activities can also be another way to introduce subscribers to new artists or creators. Even more so, these initiatives aim to make the concept store a social dimension. This helps consumers to relax from their daily life, to escape for a moment and meet up with friends for an aperitif, watching an exhibition, or just chatting.

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