How to wear a hippie long dress?

The long dress is one of the key elements of the hippie/bohemian style. It is suitable for all silhouettes and sizes. It emphasizes femininity with a touch of freedom and "Zen attitude". To enhance it, and above all to highlight yourself, wear the hippie long dress according to your tastes, your size, the occasion and according to your desires.

The hippie/bohemian chic maxi dress, how to enhance it?

The hippie or bohemian maxi dress is renowned for not revealing any physical imperfections. Indeed, for those who would like to hide some curves and love handles, the bohemian maxi dress is perfect. The ideal is to wear it according to your size and preferences, and also according to the situation in which you wish to wear it. Women who are no taller than 1m60 may think that long dresses are not for them. It goes without saying that the dress has always been appealing to tall and slender women. However, the long dress can be worn for all sizes. Women who are small enough can choose a hippie long dress with a slit on the side. The slit will break up the length of the dress and enhance the legs. You won't have the "cramped" effect that everyone fears so much. Complete your outfit with high-heeled pumps to lengthen your silhouette. For women with strong curves, or round women, the flowing and airy bohemian long dress will soften your shape. Highlight your cleavage, a V-neck will do the trick.

The perfect accessories for a hippie or bohemian dress.

To complete your bohemian or hippie look with the long dress, don't forget the accessories and extra outfits. - shoes The most popular with the long dress are the wedge-heeled sandals. Espadrille style shoes that go perfectly with the bohemian chic dress. If you're more of a "boots" person, choose these shoes with the white hippie chic long dress or the bohemian chic long dress. - the hat A must for the hippie look, the large hat gives a more "natural" style to your outfit. A cowboy style hat that goes with a very bohemian style, or any wide hat. - small accessories Necklaces, earrings, and especially sunglasses with coloured lenses are a must to complete the hippie dress.

The Boho VS hippie long dress, make the difference!

Bohemian chic, bohemian, hippie or hippie chic, styles that are quite similar, but nevertheless have some differences. To distinguish this or that style, find the strong points that set them apart. The bohemian style is a style leaning towards the cowboy look. Fringes, lace, etc., the bohemian style is usually accompanied by a big hat and half boots. The boho-chic is more elegant and simple. The boho-chic style is more elegant and simple, with a more feminine look, but without any western connotation. The bohemian long dress is often associated with heeled sandals. The hippie style with a long dress is usually very floral and accompanied by accessories in sparkling colours. Ethnic patterns and/or with discreet fringes. The hippie chic will have very predominant plain colours. White, black, etc., the hippie chic long dress is worn with a perfecto, a small jacket, or jeans jacket.

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