Which shoes are fashionable?

Winter is well and truly upon us, and with it comes the opportunity to take an interest in current footwear trends. And to say the least, there's plenty to do. If we let ourselves go, our closets could be overflowing with shoes, each one more beautiful than the next. Boots, sneakers, derby shoes, there's something for everyone. And why not treat yourself to a pair of designer shoes?

The fashionable shoes of a luxury designer

When you love beautiful shoes, it is very difficult not to be tempted by a model of luxury designer. Men's and women's boots or sneakers that look like real works of art, so perfect are the finishes, that's what shoe lovers are looking for.  So, in the end, why should we deprive ourselves? Of course, luxury designer shoes don't fit every budget, but owning one or two beautiful pieces can be quite possible. Boots offer inimitable style, and the elegant and classy finishes of these luxury designer models are marvels.

What should you wear this winter?

The least we can say is that you're spoilt for choice this winter as you look for the model of your dreams. While some of them are coming back, such as the Chelsea Boots or Dad shoes, other trends are making or re-making an appearance this year. One example is the boots. Want to add a "western" touch to your look (which you can perfect by picking up some ideas here)? It must be said that santiags are omnipresent on the fashion catwalks, and never really left. You can wear them with a midi dress or a long skirt. If they made their appearance last year, sock boots still have something to be on the front of the stage. You still don't know anything about the concept? It's a shoe that has a slingback style base with a synthetic part added to it. The result is a very original pair of boots! Of course, there will still be a lot to do on the boot side, especially with the rider model. For the choice of the height, just below the knee seems to be the right compromise.

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