How to brighten up a black outfit ?

The black outfit: classy, sober but sometimes sad

Let's face it, if black is a classic, there's a reason. It's a sober, slimming and even elegant colour when you know how to use it. But sometimes it can be a little sad. For example, a straight black dress with no cleavage can make you look a little uptight, while another dress of the same colour can make you look sexy. The colour itself is only one part of your outfit. Today we will learn how to avoid falling into the trap of the depressing black dress. To do this, we will learn how to brighten it up by using three elements. Jewelry, cut and touches of color.

Brighten up your black outfit with jewelry

For starters, let's take a look at the jewelry. Depending on the circumstances, you're going to be able to be more or less creative here. To suit most situations, prefer simple, light jewellery that will bring a touch of light to your dark ensemble. For this assignment, fine silver or white gold jewellery is certainly ideal. They will be eye-catching without stealing the spotlight: just the right effect. No need to overdo it at this stage, a small necklace, a ring and a bracelet in these materials will be more than enough to brighten up your outfit.

Choose a colour and place it subtly on you

Now that your black outfit is already brightened up with a few touches of silver, you can choose a bright colour that you will add in small touches with your accessories. For example, red is a bright and strong colour that contrasts very well with black. You can use it on your watchband, shoes, jewellery with a ruby, etc. You can also recall this colour with your handbag. Or even better: a luxury handbag. In addition to the touch of colour, you will then bring a real touch of elegance and refinement. Nowadays you don't have to go out of your way to get a designer handbag. Stay within two or three reminders of that color. Your outfit isn't that dark anymore! The bright colour brings the dark side of your outfit to the forefront, brightening it up as you go.

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