How to wear tights with style?

Far from the "foam" tights of yesteryear, fragile and without originality, underwear for legs is now aesthetic and adapted to the life of active women. Each woman can find the tights that suit her own look.

A constantly evolving accessory

It takes no less than 14 km of wire to make a single pair of tights of any kind. The cheapest and most ephemeral models are often made outside the EU. In order to benefit from superior quality, you have to opt for slightly more expensive tights without choosing the top of the range. The more durable and rather elegant looking tights are often made in France, Italy, even Germany or Poland. In contrast to poor quality tights which are made of simple polyamide, these underwear made in Europe are made of comfortable fibres that offer a beautiful aesthetic appearance. Today's fashion favours materials such as elastane, tactel and microfibre to cover the legs in style. The number of deniers marked on the packaging of opaque tights (or not) is equivalent to the weight in grams of 9000 m of yarn. The lower the number, the thinner the tights. Models from 5 to 100 denier (or even more) are commercially available.

Fancy and chic

Flesh-coloured nylon tights have lost favour with fashionistas who prefer darker models, generally black and opaque. The final colour, whatever it is, is obtained after treatment of the fibre. The latter has a more or less shiny finish, with a more or less fine grain depending on the weave. A "second skin" effect is possible, without demarcation or stitching and with a transparency that is not synonymous with the fragility of the fibre. This style of tights goes well with a short or long skirt: it lengthens the leg and thus allows you to sculpt your silhouette effortlessly and cheaply. To add a little fantasy to your outfit, you can choose opaque women's tights in bright colours, or even a little "flashy". To avoid the flashy effect, you can match them with a skirt or a one-coloured dress, rather grey or dark. Of course, you should avoid classic pumps or other "stilettos" with legs coloured like this: it is better to wear lace-up boots or boots with flat heels.

A stylish fashion accessory

In their "fishnet" version, the tights are presented in the form of a grid of more or less fine threads. Very comfortable, these tights allow you to move without constraint and to emphasize your legs. They are indeed rather sexy but also appeal to fans of the punk look and even the gothic style! These fishnet tights can be matched with similarly woven tops and mittens. Ideally, they should be worn with jean shorts and patauga-style shoes with thick soles. Patterned or feathery tights, with sequins or a moiré effect are best reserved for festive evenings or the dance floor. During the day, sobriety is the order of the day. However, it is possible to choose the traditional black colour in a variety of glosses, transparencies or fine grain for a little originality in everyday life.

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